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True Thankfulness

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving! There is great food, great family time, great relaxation, but there is also time to be thankful. I wish we concentrated this day more on thankfulness rather than a hustle and bustle in the kitchen, but I can’t complain about the huge meal!
Inspired by President Barack Obama’s Thanksgiving address to the nation (just kidding), I want to take this post to let everyone out there know that I am thankful too!
First, I am surrounded by love, and no distance, no financial struggle, nor disagreement could ever change that. Nothing can break up all of the love around me.
I am blessed with the opportunity to get an education, and a job, and have the chance to pursue happiness. Although in my all to often narrow mind I sometimes think otherwise, not everyone has those opportunities.
Blessings surround all of us, and it is very important that we remember to be thankful for all of them.
Even though Thanksgiving has passed, I think we should all continue to remember how many things we have to be thankful for!
So, just like Barack Obama, I want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving always, from the Bell family to yours!

My first time making my soon-to-be-famous corn souffle! Yes, it is in baking flower pots.

Before the food filled up all of those plates...

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